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Charlotte Fagan Community Church is an independent Christian church located at 3158 Vanleer Highway in Charlotte, Tennessee, the county seat of Dickson County.  Charlotte Fagan Community Church is a new beginning for the former Charlotte Fagan United Methodist Church as a result of an amicable separation initiated in 2022.  

Charlotte Fagan United Methodist Church was the result of a merger that took place on January 5, 1975 of Fagan’s Chapel, near Big Barton’s Creek on Vanleer Highway, and the Charlotte Methodist Church located in downtown Charlotte.  


It is believed that the Charlotte Methodist Church had its beginning in 1834 and the first minister was John L Hill.  The church was log with split log seats and was located near the site where the present building currently stands.  In 1877,  new property in downtown Charlotte was deeded  by E.E. Larkins to the trustees of the church and a new church was built.  From 1896 -1899, the church was remodeled and a new front entry was moved to what had been the rear of the church.  Additional remodeling was done from 1928-1931, when Sunday school rooms were added.  The church is presently a private residence located at 200 Dickson St. in Charlotte.

In 1855, the property for Fagan’s Chapel was deeded by W. M. Lane to the trustees.  A log church was built, and the first minister was Robert L. Fagan, after whom the church was named.  The first major remodeling was done between 1940  and 1943 when Sunday school rooms were added.  The sanctuary was completely redecorated between 1950 and 1953.  Today the church is a private residence located off Highway 49 (Vanleer Highway) along Big Barton’s Creek.

These two churches were on the same circuit and often visited and worshiped together.  When the two congregations merged, Reverend Guery Reed became the first pastor.  The mission statement of the church was established “To love, care for, and serve one another in the community through prayer, worship, ministry, and evangelism”.

The brick structure of the Charlotte Fagan Church was planned with input from both congregations and the Methodist Conference; final plans were drawn by Edward Moore.  The new church was located on Vanleer Highway 49 about half way between the two original churches on property purchased from Clyde and Mary Buckner.  

Items were taken from both churches to furnish the new church.  Pews were taken from Fagan’s, and the chancel rail, altar furniture, and the bell were taken from Charlotte.  The bell still rings at the beginning of Sunday service.


When two friendly and faithful congregations merged in 1975, it became a union of memories, ministries, resources, and goals which has produced one of the most loving and effective churches in our area.  

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